Oct 132021

We will not rush these negotiations. At this critical time, the railway workers deserve the best possible deal and this can only be won if we put our backs on each other and fight for what we deserve. The Unifor-CN Savage Alberta Railway (CNSAR) Bargaining Committee is continuing negotiations with CN this week at Unifor`s regional office in Edmonton from March 11 to 15, 2019. The negotiations were productive. One of the points on which the Committee focused was the improvement of working conditions on the emergency edges, ensuring that rest days were not interrupted and that replacement operations did not replace regular train operations. We also want our collective agreement to be numbered like the others at CN. Four new preliminary agreements have been reached with Unifor National Council 4000 and CN and CN Transportation Ltd in Montreal. For Local 100 members, the first step in supporting a stronger contract is to add your name to the growing list of members who are committed to staying at Unifor and saying no to the Raid by the CSN. Start today by join.unifor.org/viarail your card.

Unifor National Council 4000 represents nearly 3300 rail workers across Canada, including workers at CNTL, Intermodal and CN Savage Alberta Railway. Negotiations are underway on five new collective agreements. The purpose of the conciliation procedure is to help the parties settle their disputes. The mediator has a 60-day renewable mandate between the parties. A cooling-off period of 21 days begins at the end of the conciliation period described above. During this period, the Minister of Labour may appoint a mediator to continue to assist the parties in reaching an agreement. Among the bargaining priorities set out in our membership in the CNTL are significant improvements in zone and motorway fares, improvements to disciplinary measures in the collective agreement, as well as insurance and benefits for operators who own CNTL. Canada has a large and well-developed rail system, which today carries mainly freight. There are two major privately owned transcontinental freight rail systems, Canadian National and Canadian Pacific Railway. National passenger services are provided by the federal crown company Via Rail.

Three Canadian cities have commuter trains: in the Montreal area by the Agence m√©tropolitaine de transport, in the Toronto area with GO Transit and in the Vancouver area with the West Coast Express. These and other cities are also served by trams or metro systems. Smaller railways, such as the Ontario Northland Railway and algoma Central Railway, also operate passenger trains to remote rural areas. The Rocky Mountaineer and the Royal Canadian Pacific offer rail tours in the Rockies. Unifor Local 100 represents employees in the Canadian rail sector and motor vehicle loading facilities in the United States; Canadian National Railway, VIA Rail, Algoma Central Railway, Essex Railway, Hudson Bay Railway, Carlton Trail Railway and Autoport INC The current collective agreements expired on December 31, 2019. No strike vote was held. Read: Unifor and Fiat Chrysler agreements include benefits and pension changes Bargaining committees met with representatives from CN and CN Transportation Ltd. in Montreal to formally begin negotiations on the Council`s five collective agreements; CN-Agreement 5.1, NC 5.1 Amendment (Intermodal) Agreement, CN Agreement 5.4, CN Savage Alberta Railway and CNTL Collective Agreement. These agreements apply to Unifor`s 3,270 Council 4,000 members across Canada. Negotiations also focused on discussions on the ministerial order, adopted on 21 December 2018 by Transport Minister Marc Garneau, in which he ordered railway undertakings to review the working/stopping rules applicable to railway remuneration to ensure that they reflect; “the latest scientific and fatigue management practices.” Railway undertakings, including CN, must submit proposed revisions by May 19, 2019, which Transport Minister Marc Garneau can approve before the end of June 2019.

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