Oct 112021

Stories whose triumphant firmness and patience through the most ardent trials and sufferings should certainly shame us for our weak efforts and lukewarm faith, for it is the greatness of their faith and love that has left them to bear. I have no place in this letter to give detailed stories to these saints, but when we return to America, we hope to bring many, the reading of which will certainly insinuate us to make more efforts and arouse our fervor. There are women here who have seen their children slowly starve before their eyes and almost themselves killed; Men and women who were very rich, some of them in princely positions, and who gave up all their wealth and comfort for the cause; others whose husbands were killed before them; Men locked for years in damp underground cells with heavy chains around their necks, who eat in their flesh, and they have endured all this and more with great joy for the love of their God. Take revenge on your enemies? And when are the days of your demonstration so that I can be independent of everyone but you? And when are the days of the publication of your reign so that I can say “to be” with your permission and that it will exist before you? And when are the days that God has promised His servants for your coming?¬†From his long and serious meditations on the subject, he seems convinced that he enjoyed the favor of special communication with the Imam. It was only a step further to imagine that his sublime thoughts were true inspirations from the highest source of all truth and that he himself was an inspired prophet. Back from Carbela, the young enthusiast drew his special friends around him and revealed to them his inner awareness of a prophetic calling by announcing himself as “Bab”, that is. the door or door, which means the channel of grace of the invisible imam. He began preaching in mosques against the dominant inreligion of the time, especially the Muslim clergy for their scandalous vices and inability to be spiritual leader for the people, and stressed the need to moralize deeds and not a word and formal rules. He advocated moderation, refused to increase opium consumption – while he did not smoke tobacco, drank alcohol or coffee. It had neglected polygamy, banned concubine, ascetics and beggar monks, prohibited divorce and taught gender equality; encouraged the practice of hospitality and demanded justice for all citizens in the same way. Although he did not attack any of the dogmas of Islam, the tendency of his views was unquestionably heterodox.

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