Shared Parenting Agreement

Oct 072021

A common educational plan allows your children to be exposed to the maximum to each parent, as you participate in daily events and not just a weekend excursion. Shared custody involves you and the other parent on a schedule where children live alternately with each parent. If you have disagreements when developing the joint educational plan, you can often consult a third party on what to do. This may be a family services mediator, a lawyer or a family court judge. If you settled the disagreement outside of court, you can save attorney fees. Among the benefits of a common educational plan are the creation of a stable environment in which children can thrive, the reduction of misunderstandings between parents and the reduction of legal fees, since decisions are made by parents and not by the courts. In 2018, Kentucky was the first jurisdiction to establish a legal presumption of common parenthood, after the House of Representatives voted 81-2 and the Senate 38-0 and after Gov. Matt Bevin signed the law. [24] [25] Similar laws were passed by both houses in Minnesota and Florida, but rejected by governors.

There are a number of organizations that are committed to common parenting as well as in the best interests of children: addressing each of these issues in the educational plan can help reduce the stress and anxiety your children may experience if you try to implement the plan. . . .

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