Oct 062021

3.Powers under Sections 12, 13 and 14: exclusive implementation of the annual budgets for the financial years up to 2020 or, if the annual budget has not been adopted, the rules in force pursuant to Article 315 TFEU. Until 31 December 2020, the United Kingdom shall, on the basis of the allocation keys referred to in point (a) of Article 14(9) of Council Decision (EU) 2016/1353 (169), contribute to the financing of the European Defence Agency, the European Union Institute for Security Studies and the European Union Satellite Centre, as well as to the cost of Common Security and Defence Policy operations; Article 10(3) of Council Decision 2014/75/CFSP (170), Article 10(3) of Council Decision 2014/401/CFSP (171) or the second subparagraph of Article 41(2) of the Treaty on European Union and in accordance with Article 5 of that Agreement. the amount of the period up to 31 the provisions committed and not yet paid on 1 December 2020; and most EU legislation should be transposed into national law at the end of the transposition period. The amendments made by the EUA for 2020 provide for a “general transformation of EU law into `maintained EU law` and a `domestication of the ecj`s historical case-law” at the end of the transposition period (explanatory notes to the 2020 draft law, para. 267). Previously, EUWA provided that this had to be done on the day of withdrawal, as this essentially prepared a no-deal scenario. In accordance with Articles 84(1) and 148, the United Kingdom shall reimburse the Union for the value of such equipment and other assets, calculated on the basis of the value attributed to such equipment and other assets in the consolidated accounts for 2020. This value is communicated to the United Kingdom by the European Commission after its final administrative authorisation. its provision rate, calculated on the basis of the ratio between the United Kingdom`s initial provision for that instrument and the amount of financial transactions referred to in paragraph 1 on 31 December 2020, which was decided before the date of entry into force of this Agreement.

the provisions applicable after 31 December 2020 as regards the population`s own resources at 31 December 2020, information on the number of beneficial owners and estimated future beneficiaries of pension and health insurance schemes for staff at the end of the previous year and their acquired rights on that date after termination of employment; and on 31 July 2019, in the report referred to in the second subparagraph of Article 143(1), the Union shall provide the following information on financial instruments in the context of direct or indirect implementation financed by the MFF programmes 2014-2020 or financed under a previous financial perspective: powers of decentralised authorities in accordance with Sections 12, 13 and 14 1. . . .

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