Sag Basic Agreement 2020

Oct 052021

Sag, however, offers various agreements that allow producers to buy essentially “in large quantities”, depending on where the advertisement is broadcast. There are 6 types of theatrical conventions. All this is determined by the level of the budget: once these points are decided, a collective agreement is concluded and both the employer and the union are obliged to comply with this agreement. Hence the system of cooperation of the sector with the members of SAG-AFTRA. Unlike SAG deals for movies (where everything is determined by budget), prices in the TV world are determined by the number of episodes you`re going to create and, in most cases, by the length of the episode. For tv work, residues begin as soon as a show is rebroadcast or published on video/DVD, pay TV, broadcast TV, basic cable or new media. Residents are based on a gross receipt formula for all episodes of free TV series. Core actors are not entitled to delays for work carried out under the SAG-AFTRA basic and television agreements, unless the substantive actor is classified as an “actor”. If he is still talking about five lines or less, the remaining program fee is five lines or less. If the background actor is reclassified elsewhere in the Performer category, the program fee for residual purposes is the Principal Performer program fee. The rates of the main daily and weekly performers under this Agreement shall be set at 35% of the scale of the Basic Agreement. This is probably also your SAG agreement if you are photographing a wild place. Unlike national or cable advertising, wild spots are ads that run in more than twenty specific cities.

As part of this special theatrical agreement, you can only hire SAG-AFTRA actors as lead actors, and the first 57 actors hired must also be unionized. If your production requires more than 57 background actors, the 58th attitude and beyond does not need to be together and therefore does not fall under the terms of the theater contract. If you plan to hire a lead or substantive actor (and you have not employed 57 other substantive actors) who is not yet a member of SAG-AFTRA, you will have 30 days from signing the contract to submit to your representative the corresponding Taft Hartley report, as well as a headshot and CV, in order to grant trade union status and comply with contractual rules. Unlike other agreements concluded by the signatories, the New Media Agreement does not require a minimum remuneration. Initial compensation is fully negotiable under the SAG-AFTRA New Media agreement for productions that do not meet the high budget threshold. While there are no minimum requirements under the agreement, there are local, state, and federal minimum wage laws that must be met, as they are still in effect. Payment is due no later than five working days from the date of work to the performer. Sag Pension and Health or AFTRA Health and Retirement Contributions are due to the initial negotiated compensation of 17%. Residues are based on formulas that take into account things such as the contract concluded during the year, the time spent on production, the type of production and the market on which the product appears. All actors hired or valued under a main performance contract whose performance remains in the final product are entitled to leftovers. Core actors do not receive residues and are not entitled to them, unless they are reclassified as main actors. New media under $50k: Prices are negotiable between the production and the actors.

Sag New Media Category A: 20% of Sag New Media Basic Contracts Category B: 35% of Basic Agreement Games SAG New Media Category C: 65% of Sag Basic Agreement Rates New Media Category D: Basic Agreement Sets Amazon, Instagram, YouTube – these are just some of the goals that Screen Actors Guild classifies as “new media”. Whether you`re making a movie or a series, both are covered by this agreement, as long as your budget is between $50,000 and $1,000,000.

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