Nato Technical Agreement

Sep 282021

Before the Kumanovo agreement, there was a flood of negotiations not only between Yugoslavia and Serbia, but also between NATO and Russia. Despite the initial agreement, for example on a timetable for the withdrawal of Serb forces in Kosovo, NATO`s Operation Allied Force was still ongoing until the full withdrawal of Serbian troops was completed. [2] The agreement aims to improve the cyber defence of the two organisations by exchanging cyber defence data. “The exchange of information is essential for cyber defence,” said Koen Gijsbers, Director General of the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI), responsible for the operation and defence of NATO`s networks. While nations are the primary responsibility for securing electoral systems, NATO is ready to provide information on the threat landscape, as well as the processes and techniques we use to secure high-level events. Some sources cite Russia`s role in the immediate resolution of the agreement. There was an allegation of a meeting between Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov and US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. A first agreement was reached between the two sides, involving a commitment by NATO to stop its airstrikes and the willingness to withdraw a passage it wanted to incorporate into the Kumanovo agreement, in exchange for Russian support for an upcoming UN resolution agreed by the Group of Eight. [2] Without Russia`s participation, the UN Security Council resolution on Kosovo would not have been adopted and NATO airstrikes would have continued. [2] On 10 February 2016, NATO`s Computer Incident Response Team (NCIRC) and the European Union Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-EU) signed a technical agreement.

The NCI Agency and CERT-EU have established a strong partnership based on an in-depth exchange of information on cyber defence, in order to improve the prevention, prediction, detection and response to incidents. The NCI is responsible for defending NATO`s 24/7 networks. The NATO COMPUTER ASSISTANCE CENTRE (NCIRC) Technical Centre provides specialised services for the prevention, detection, response and recovery of cybersecurity incidents. .

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