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JAKARTA ( – After the family drama of Abg two Blue Lines, whose audience attracted 2 million people, the production house Starvision has once again poured out family drama films, a touching and moving blue. Parwez is good at inventing a variety of movie stories. So that the film is always hunted down by Indonesian moviegoers, this time the English title offers the Wedding Agreement. Because in this film, the emotions of the audience are taken back and forth and can also feel what the main characters Indah Permatasari and Refal Hady feel. In the movie Marriage, there are many things that the man born on October 24, 1993 received, namely learning without going out or better known as Taaruf. Wondering what the charm of Refal Hady is? Here is a beautiful portrait of Bian`s role in the Wedding Agreement film summarized from various sources, Tuesday (27.08.2019). The scene of the film ends with the wedding scene of Aldi and Sarah. Mia had offered her novel story to several film production houses, but was rejected until Starvision Plus filmed the content of this novel in 2019. [3] Below is a list of IMDB-based film castings[4]: The drama film and romantic film “Wedding Agreement” will be released tomorrow Thursday, August 8, 2019. The title track that accompanies the film is “Answer Love”, sung by the band dUA. [5] the name Jakarta Refal Hady is known to those of you who like to watch Indonesian movies.

Refal Hady began his career since his first role in the drama series Queen in 2016. Now Refal has played different ftv on one of the TV channels. “It`s about marriage, it`s a film about the problems of society, marriage without a ball. The film becomes a jetcoaster rich in light, there is fun, there is crying and thank you. The book was written by Archie and the novel was written by Mia,” said the producer of Tasik Malaya. With a pretty face and skilled acting skills, Refal Hady has become one of the male actors preferred by women. It is also assumed that Refal is the lead role as Bian, Tari`s husband in the movie Wedding Agreement according to the popular novel. Not only the handsome actor, named Reza Fahlevi Al Hady, starred in many popular Indonesian films like Galih and Ratna, Critical Eleven, Dilan in 1990, Anthology Rasa to Friends But Married.

Wedding Agreement seems to be a success as a film that, in addition to presenting a smooth and interesting story, also shows talented actors and actresses who have managed to steal the attention of Internet users. Like actress Aghniny Haque, who managed to get into the spotlight because she plays the character of Sarah, who is the third person in a bian and dance relationship. .

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