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In the spirit of this agreement, trade union representatives are expected to respect and preserve the confidentiality of the information to which they have access if the disclosure is contrary to data protection law, seriously harm the functioning of the university or harm the university, while preserving the right to express real concerns. (c) participate in a relevant regional or national conference at which the university has accepted a request for participation from a trade union; 3.2 The spirit and intention of this agreement is to promote the best possible relations between the university and its employees represented by its recognised trade unions, providing for this purpose a mutually agreed method of discussion, consultation and negotiation. Without prejudice to the provisions relating to management decisions that have been or are to be adopted within the framework or in the general government of the university, in accordance with the statutes and statutes, this agreement aims to put in place additional mechanisms to resolve problems between the university as employer and the staff represented by the trade unions recognized as workers. The review is carried out in consultation with the approved unions and all proposed changes are submitted for approval to the JCNC and the Professional Development and Staff Committee (PDSC). 3.5 The University recognizes the responsibility of trade unions to conduct collective bargaining and to defend and protect the interests of its members, as set out in this Treaty. 4.10 The final decision on exemption for union functions and activities rests with the Chief of Staff or delegated representative. The number of appointed trade union representatives should be proportionate both to the demand for effective union representation and communication and to the demand for effective labour practices by management. (a) where workers have a name for which an independent trade union is recognized by their employer, their representatives of the trade union or at most, the relationship between the trade union representatives and the members, in addition to the roles of president of the branch and secretary, shall be from 1 to 50. 4.5 The university and its accredited unions shall follow the following procedures for the appointment of elected representatives and their accreditation by the university: 4.15 For such certified representatives proposed by their reconstitution union, the following approach should be taken: each union is responsible for ensuring that the human resources departments are informed of all changes made to the incumbents within two weeks of the amendment. In addition, each union presents a complete list of local representatives each year.

1.2 This agreement confirms which trade unions are recognised by the University of Bath as employers (referred to as “the university” or “we” in this document) and which bodies are granted to their representatives. It defines the formal partnership committees agreed between the accredited trade unions and the university. 3.3 The University, as an employer and its recognized trade unions, are jointly committed to establishing a university system of labour relations that operates at all levels of the organization on the basis of the essential characteristics of cooperation, teamwork, transparency and mutual respect. . . . .

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