Apr 142021

Note that only statutory or statutory deductions can be deducted from the above list without the prior written consent of a staff member. It is generally recommended that employers obtain permission to deduct these expenses at the time of recruitment, as well as the completion of all other statutory documents. It is important that the authorization agreement is not too broad, but that it nevertheless adequately covers the likely deductions that the employer may have to make on the worker`s wages. Good: Always get approval, make sure you get below the minimum wage as mentioned above, and check that deductions for multiple trims do not exceed the legal limit. Without the employee`s written authorization, the Texas Pay Day Act allows an employer to deduct deductions only if they are court-ordered (family allowances) or authorized by state law or the Federal Income Tax Act. All other deductions must be made in writing and signed by the staff member. When an employer uses a manual, policy manual or similar document instead of a separate handwriting, confirmation of receipt of company guidelines signed by the worker may be allowed to retain wages if the confirmation meets the consent requirements mentioned above. The signed acknowledgment must also contain a language indicating that the employee agrees to comply with or be linked to the deduction authorization. TX Administrator Code 40.20.821.28 – Voluntary wage allocations: employers have the right to deduct an employee`s wages and take them below the minimum wage for payments to programs such as employer health, dental, disability and life insurance.

The FLSA covers deductions that can legitimately bring a worker`s salary below the minimum wage. In some circumstances, the following points may lead to employees` wages falling below the minimum wage: My record has been brief: Bob`s Bowling Balls has a policy that ensures that all employees are responsible for bottlenecks in their register at the end of each position. Bob thinks that the employees who arrive have had to steal the money, and that`s the best way to keep them honest.

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