Apr 092021

FWA tends to prefer full-time jobs, employees and male-dominated occupations or sectors. While there appears to be equitable access to male-dominated employment, women and men are less likely to follow the schedule in female-dominated jobs. It is argued that this is due to female-dominated jobs, with low-paying roles and unfavourable working conditions. [9] A flexible working regime may involve changes to working arrangements for a specified period of time or on a permanent basis, in order to take into account a number of personal obligations. Some workers who have worked for the same employer for at least 12 months may request flexible work time arrangements, such as changes in working time, types of work or workplaces. Shirley is 60 years old and wants to finish early on Wednesdays so she can volunteer at her local hospital. She can apply for flexible work rules since she is over 55 years old. A flexible work agreement is an agreement between a workstation and a worker to modify the standard work regime to better meet the obligations of a worker a and out of work. Flexible work arrangements generally include changes in working time, behaviour and place of work. Flexibility is increasingly important for all employees as employees and managers balance competing priorities in life. The Fair Work Act 2009 (FW Act) gives different categories of workers the right to demand changes to their work regimes, particularly work schedules, models and workplaces.

While the FW Act defines groups that can request flexible working time arrangements by law, any worker can approach his employer with such a request, but his application may be treated differently, as it would not be governed by the current law. An employer who receives an application under the law must provide a written response within twenty-one days. Employers affected by a bonus must first discuss the application with their employee in order to reach agreement on changes to the worker`s working conditions. An application can only be rejected on reasonable commercial grounds. NAB has developed a flexible self-service intranet site where employees can manage their formal or informal flexible work arrangements directly with their supervisor.

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