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5.2 As part of the implementation of the Service Distribution Network, Canada and New Brunswick agree that the systems will be an integral part of this final network and that the sharing of existing systems and new systems (as well as connectivity between the federal and provincial regimes) will be desirable outcomes. It is also understood that the costs of the system related to the transfer of responsibility from the labour market from Canada to New Brunswick and the subsequent creation of Offices based in Derschweiz require financial investment and that each party is prepared to pay for all the expenses it will have to incur in this area. 23.1 This agreement cannot be unilaterally denounced during the first three years for the duration of this agreement. Canada and New Brunswick agree to review the agreement after the first three fiscal years to assess whether the desired outcomes for both parties are being achieved and to determine whether they should continue with their labour market development agreements under this agreement. At the end of this audit, any party may terminate the contract at any time by communicating to the other party the intention of an exercise to obtain termination. As part of research and innovation (an unnamed program), New Brunswick will conduct activities, experiments and research to address labour market development, policy and design. 7.1 Canada and New Brunswick agree to enter into a separate level of service agreement that specifies the requirements of the system. With respect to New Brunswick`s desire to expand its role in the design and implementation of labour market development programs in New Brunswick, Canada, by the Employment Insurance Commission of Canada and with the agreement of Canada`s Minister of Personnel Development, it is authorized, pursuant to Section 63 of the Employment Insurance Act , to reach an agreement with New Brunswick on the payment of contributions to part of the EI Act and the federal proposal. with respect to labour market rules regarding the required outcomes and the need for a review of the results for monitoring, evaluation and evaluation. A results-based accountability framework is therefore at the heart of this agreement on labour market developments in New Brunswick and requires the parties to agree on the expected outcomes and to define reporting obligations to demonstrate the results achieved. Canada and New Brunswick recognize that each government is taking on certain tasks in the area of labour market developments. 20.1 During the transitional period, Canada and New Brunswick agreed to cooperate in the areas outlined in Appendix 11 of this agreement, entitled “Transitional Issues,” to ensure a smooth transition resulting from Canada`s withdrawal from certain areas of the labour market development program and the provision of services in New Brunswick and an increased role in New Brunswick`s provision of these funds under this agreement. As far as I know, our officials have made considerable progress in the first round of in-depth discussions in recent weeks.

I am confident that we will be able to build on this momentum and have an agreement on the labour market for the 1997-98 fiscal year. In the very near future, my Deputy Minister will be passing on additional information on this matter to his provincial and territorial colleagues. Canada`s Minister of Personnel Development has approved an agreement with New Brunswick regarding the costs of providing these services and actions, as well as the associated administrative costs. 6.1 Canada and New Brunswick agree that both government decisions are identified and recognized for their contribution to labour market regimes under this agreement.

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