Apr 082021

In addition, the principles set out in the Administrative Procedures Regulation (4250/2014) are required to accept copies of foreign documents authenticated by a lawyer. If an administrative official refuses, he may be prosecuted for breach of his obligations. According to the case law, lawyers` certificates are not subject to their validity by the principles that are required to accept them. In addition, our firm supports the processing for the receipt of the Apostille from The Hague. APOSTILLE is essential for authenticating Greek public documents to be used in front of foreign public services. Because of our legal personality and expertise in certain legal areas, we distochated ourselves by translating legal documents: in accordance with the law of 1250/2014, the Supreme Council for the Selection of Personnel (ASEP) accepts documents of foreign principles that do not carry the apostille of The Hague, provided they are duly certified. In accordance with current law, lawyers are able to produce certified copies of their documents. The certification of a copy by a lawyer is valid against all judicial or other principles. You also have access to the guidelines of the Senior Personnel Selection Board (ASEP) and the specific provisions of the proclamation that interest you.

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