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Choose what the services want: If you need help with a comparative market analysis, but think you`re negotiating well on your own, you can only work with your agent if you feel you need help. If the independent contractor provides a service that would be subject to certain requirements/rules of the MLS and REALTOR association, the licensee must also provide the client with all relevant documents and information. If the contract service z.B. is to list a seller`s apartment in the MLS, the independent brokerage contract must contain Internet waiver communications and all other MLS provisions for the list of a property. It is strongly recommended that the licensee who enters into an independent contract seek professional assistance in the development of such a contract. A brief check: A licensee in a brokerage relationship must be a standard agent, a restricted duty officer or an independent contractor. A Limited Service Agent (LSA), previously a representative with limited service, is another form of agency. In particular, the law defines an ASA as a licensee, who acts for or represents a client, for real estate comprising between one and four dwelling units, pursuant to a brokerage contract, which provides that the temporary provider does not perform or perform the tasks of the standard agency in accordance with articles 54.1 to 2131, 54.1-2132, 54.1-2133 and 54.1-2134. Limited service companies and discount brokers offer either a reduced commission, a plan, an hourly rate or other combination of reduced services and a discount. Work with a limited real estate agent can only take place if the representative`s representative tells the client that the agent is acting as a restricted service provider. The representative must also provide a list of the specific services that the real estate licensee will provide and a list of standard services that the agent will not provide. After entering the property into the MLS, the buyer`s representatives and buyers can contact the seller directly. Sometimes these agents offer hourly rates for additional services that the seller may wish for later or a service package at a discount.

The relationship between a client and an independent contractor is only a contractual relationship defined by the terms of the contract. The agreement must clearly state that the taker acts only as an independent contractor and not as an agent and that he must perform only defined tasks. “agency”: any relationship in which a real estate licensee acts or represents a person in a real estate transaction, unless another legal relationship is contemplated and agreed under the brokerage contract; The agency includes the representation of a client as a standard agent or as a restricted duty officer. There is nothing in this section that prohibits a licensee and a client from consenting in writing to a brokerage relationship in which the underwriter acts as an independent contractor or imposes on a licensee, in addition to the obligations set out in this article. If a buyer accepts additional obligations, the underwriter is responsible for the additional obligations agreed with the client in the brokerage contract. A real estate licensee who establishes a brokerage relationship on the basis of a written brokerage contract expressly stating that the holder of a real estate license acts as an independent contractor and not as a broker, (a) the obligations agreed to by the parties to the brokerage contract and this licensee and its employees have no obligations under sections 54.1-2131 to 54.1-2135 of this article.

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