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Dec 192020

4-H Youth Development: The 4-H Youth Development Program (4-H) at the University of California has offered a wide variety of enrichment activities with the ultimate goal of giving young people the skills they need to thrive and succeed throughout their lives. All 4-H programs focus on positive youth development through activities in the fields of science, healthy living and civic engagement. All 4-H programs are accessible and accessible to all youth. Young people participate in school programs, clubs, camps and leadership conferences. The success of the program has been mainly due to partnerships with school districts, CSC parks, youth organizations, faith-based institutions and local businesses. Turn with customers on a variety of channels from a single intuitive contact center office that includes incoming voice, outgoing voice, outgoing IVR and digital channels. NOTE: This form is not required if the contractor is a business. The Composting Education Program has supported waste disposal through communication activities based on research, education and technical assistance for county residents, schools and organizations. Our partnerships include the Technical Advisory Committee of the Santa Clara County Recycling and Waste Reduction Commission, Sacred Heart Community Services, Ann Sobrato High School, Valley Verde, Santa Clara Valley Water District and the County of Santa Clara Parks and Recreation Department. Through a revitalized composting volunteer recruitment and training program, the Compost education program provides Santa Clara County residents with workshops, group events, school visits, special conferences, demonstration sites and exchanges of technical resources. Inform Traci Hess, Consumer Protection and Environmental Protection Agency if approved. Independent consultants: A person or organization outside the university with technical or technical skills that primarily provide professional or technical advice to the university, i.e. trainers, editors, webdesign.

Interaction with JTAPI requires the use of an application user on CUCM who has CTI control and call monitoring rights for the necessary devices (including phones or device profiles used by agents) Components 2-UCCE The UCCE solution consists of the following 3 components. Call Router/Logger (aka Rogger) has supported the development of urban and urban private nutrition systems to ensure the sustainability and effectiveness of urban agriculture (AU) to improve social, economic and health outcomes with our public, private and non-profit partners: USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service; Santa Clara County Food System Alliance; County of Santa Clara Parks Department; County of Santa Clara Agriculture Division; and local municipal farms such as Garden to Table, Sacred Heart Community Services – The Mesa Verde Program and Valley Verde. Advice and support to urban planners and gardeners, master gardeners and master composters, as well as employees of companies in the cultivation, production and distribution of local food products through public relations, courses, presentations and workshops.

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