Dec 152020

2.1 Each party retains confidentially, three (3) years after the end of this Contract, all confidential information that was classified confidential during this study and obtained by the other party. However, there is nothing to prevent the institution or any other component of the system from using the information derived from it for the ordinary research and education of a university. In Turkey, the classification of security in defence projects, which is the most confusing and abused word of confidentiality, refers to the classification and nomenclature of information, documents and materials which, because of national security interests, must be disclosed as general knowledge because of their seriousness. Each party will ensure that it retains the exclusive and exclusive intellectual property rights of its respective confidential information and that no license or other interest in a party`s confidential information is granted or implicitly granted by the agreement. In the field of employment, when the confidentiality agreement is signed at the beginning of employment, employment is generally sufficiently taken into account. However, if it is signed after the start of employment, many states need a new counterpart to the promise of staff, such as the payment of a bonus, transportation, extra days off or extended benefits. Recognition of irreparable damage. Damage caused by breach of confidentiality in violation of contract theory is generally difficult to quantify and the loss cannot be fully measured in money damage. The damage is therefore irreparable. For these reasons, it is useful for the receiving party to recognize that a breach of the agreement would cause irreparable harm to the public party, but not decisively.

Despite this seemingly obvious fact that information and data are cell-like intellectual and industrial property doctrines, ignorance or lack of legal assistance in contracts in aerospace and defence projects can, from this point of view, cause considerable and irreparable damage beyond the monetary aspects. Note. The mechanism by which each party informs the other party, z.B whether the contract is terminated or when a disclosure has been ordered by a court. The agreement can only be applied against the related parties. It is therefore important to ensure that the person or organization to which the information is communicated is linked to the agreement. For example, when a company transmits confidential information to a supplier who, in order to respond to the request for service, must disclose the company`s confidential information to a joint venture, agent or investor, the disclosure of confidential information between the supplier and these additional parties is not protected.

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