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In addition to sick leave, employers and workers could negotiate other stress leave. Since it is not a right, it is up to the employer to grant additional leave or not. This can help ensure that the employee is both healthy and productive. The length of leave and whether or not the leave is paid must be negotiated. (a) The employer may grant paid leave to a teacher, plus the travel time required to attend meetings of legal, local, regional and other authorities (or, in other circumstances, on vacation without pay, participation in such meetings may be granted). Legal leave and leave are not deducted from sick leave, despite the myth. Some teachers are known to fight for the last day of the mandate, believing that if they do not, future leave will be put on sick leave. It`s not true. Appropriate remediation in this context means the usual reserve of landfills, local advertising, if necessary, and does not mean advertising at the regional or national level, unless necessary in this agreement. The employer does not ask for more than one complaint; and (e) The employer may grant teachers who receive scholarships and scholarships for the duration of the contract, plus a reasonable period of travel, on payday leave. They could, but it is unlikely to be granted. It could be granted if it had been called an epidemic by the Ministry of Health.

There are certain circumstances where sick leave can be ignored, tuberculosis and hepatitis are examples, but you should discuss your situation with your PPTA field officer. The Thursday before Easter is the sick leave. Good Friday is a statutory holiday and not sick pay. Saturdays and Sundays are on sick leave if the absence lasts more than five working days. Easter Mondays and Tuesdays are not charges against sick leave, as Monday is a legal holiday and Tuesday is a public holiday under Part VII of the 1989 Education Act. Can I use sick leave if my child is sick and needs to be cared for? The day you start teaching, you will have seven days of sick leave. If you have three months of medical service, you will receive an additional seven days, which will be entitled to a total of 14 days. Note that this is an aggregate authorization, not a cumulative authorization.

No one is entitled to more than 306 days of sick leave, except in cases where all 306 days are exhausted and the provisions of the 2003 Leave Act apply.

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