Nbn Developer Agreement

Dec 132020

1.1 Given the NBN Co Limited ACN 136,533,741 (“we” or “NBN Co”) which gives you access to the “New Developments Request for Service” form, you accept, on behalf of the developer (“You” or “Developer”), the following terms and conditions of the NDRS online form. These terms and conditions for using the NDRS online form apply to your use of this NDRS form. You ensure that all information and data you provide via this NDRS form is accurate, accurate, complete and up-to-date and that you are authorized to disclose and conclude this agreement. nbn™ the products are available under the Wholesale Broadband Agreement and other access agreements. nbn carries out certain types of construction activities for non-reported retail service providers that are not provided and are not carried out under an access agreement. For information, nbn provides below the standard agreements it uses to offer certain RSP construction activities. nbn can update these standard versions from time to time. You can install your own pit and pipe ready to fiber, and we would expect to acquire the network installed as part of a commercial agreement. Executable copies of these agreements can be requested through your account manager nbn™. As a developer, you are responsible for providing telecommunications infrastructure for your real estate. Depending on your individual development scenario, you may need to apply with nbn. This means you need to fill out a nbn™ New Developments application form. These agreements and the activities they regulate are different from the range of products ™ that are declared services in accordance with the XIC part of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.

For new websites that need to connect and use Internet and telephone services in Telstra network areas. The developer/owner or someone on behalf of them must apply for an AFR (Application for Reticulation). 1.3 These terms and conditions of sale for the NDRS online form apply only to your use of this NDRS form and to the information and data exchanged. They access this NDRS form to provide NBN Co with information on possible development work related to the national broadband network. These terms and conditions of the NDRS online form and your use of the NDRS form do not constitute an agreement between you and NBN Co regarding the provision of goods or services by any part of the other party, with the exception of the services expressly mentioned in this NDRS form. In particular, these terms and conditions of the NDRS online form do not require you to enter into a contract with you for possible development work or the provision of fibre optic connection or development services. The terms of future development work are subject to another agreement between you and NBN Co. This version of the Nbn™ BSS Interim Launch Agreement is a standard form of the access agreement within the meaning of the XIC part of the Competition and Consumer Law 2010. If there is insufficient notification and we propose to provide infrastructure, the developer may be financially responsible for the costs of late submission of the AFR to provide wireless interseemantion services to end-users. In line with the federal government`s policy and in order to promote a level playing field with regard to the provision of telecommunications infrastructure to new developments, the policy requires operators to work on a commercial basis.

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