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Conveyancing is just an unusual term for the legal little to buy a home. You will order the lawyers to take care of this matter, as well as the bank on your part. Let`s continue to use the same example of a 30-year mortgage on a $250,000 home, but let`s change it to a 20% deposit ($200,000). The reason is that Al Rayan is the only Islamic bank to offer a 10% deposit mortgage, so it would be difficult to change the amount of the deposit sample. Al Rayan would do well to take note of these customer recommendations. Some things are difficult (for example. B process speed), but other things like communication, how they get to their pricing, are a relatively simple thing. Similarly, it is easy for customers to say that a bank should be more flexible, but it is understandable that Al Rayan is taking a cautious approach given the high level of regulation in the sector. There is a balance here, because no one wants Al Rayan to be subject to regulatory pressure or to be known as the Islamic bank that went wrong. The Islamic banking system uses real commercial activities, supported by real assets.

This means that Islamic banks such as Al Rayan Bank do not trade unless they have an asset to carry out the transaction. Islamic banks are also not allowed to use speculative financial instruments that pose a high risk to a bank and the assets and deposits of their clients. The Quran clearly states that interest or La Riba is forbidden. The traditional interest-based banking system is therefore not suitable for Muslims. The Quran allows trade as a method of wealth creation, and this is the basis of the Islamic banking system. It works with no interest to offer financial products certified in accordance with Sharia law. These are based on Islamic financial principles such as trade, leasing, investment and partnership. Islamic banks allow Muslims to save money, buy their homes and conduct their daily banking in accordance with Sharia law. Some Muslim customers stay in traditional banks and simply do not retain the interest they earn.

But what they may not know is that it can indirectly provide funds to other clients for activities that are not allowed in Islam, including interest rate-based loans. For example, a Muslim client`s deposits may be used in part or in full to provide an interest-based loan to finance a casino or brewery. This is not permitted by Sharia law. The Islamic banking system therefore gives Muslim customers the certainty that their money, which is in a bank savings, transfer or commercial bank account, is not being used in a manner contrary to sharia principles. Islamic financing is now widely available in the UK and is available competitively, and consumers have a real choice as to how they manage their finances. When choosing an Islamic bank, Muslims have the calm that their money works for them and that it is always in accordance with their faith. An Islamic mortgage is an alternative to the traditional Western option, where you borrow money from a lender as a buyer and rem exchange with interest. With a Sharia-compliant home purchase plan, you can be sure that your mortgage is based on the Islamic financial principles of a condominium agreement (Diminishing Musharaka) with leasing (Liara).

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